Keep your home cosy this winter. . .

. . . the Just Living way!

Autumn has arrived and winter is well and truly on its way. Every morning I open the front door to a gust of wind as a pile of leaves land at my feet. The silver lining is, my youngest son gets lots of enjoyment vacuuming them all up – although I’m not sure how long this will last!

However, I do embrace this time of year and love snuggly evenings indoors, long winter walks, chunky cable knits and a large mug of hot chocolate.

So, here are my top tips to keep you and your home cosy this winter….

winter11 Gentle candle light

Candles are an essential part of my family home and my favourite at the moment is the green fig candle from Plum & Ashby. Whether you prefer scented or un-scented, simple or decorative – candles are an effective way of transforming a space into a relaxing and soothing retreat.                                                                                       


winter22. A snug reading chair

To add extra depth and interest to your armchair or sofa add a complimentary throw and cushion for maximum comfort and relaxation.


Winter-33. Fireplace

Fireplaces, whether traditional or contemporary, can be incredibly welcoming and often a focal point within a room.

If you have a traditional mantelpiece, they are a great place to display items. Avoid using them as a storage ledge and use them to echo the colours and textures within a room. I personally like to see a mirror that reflects natural daylight or a piece of art strategically leaning against a chimney breast. Alternatively, a simple television screen can look very stylish when housed correctly within the wall.



winter44. A cosy rug

A simple rug can have lots of clever little functions other than just looking the part. Not only do they feel great underfoot, but they can add dimension, texture and are often used to zone areas within a room.

Take a peek at this gorgeous long haired sheepskin rug – beautiful and timeless!


winter55. Yummy hot chocolate

I think I might have gone off on a tangent here as hot chocolate isn’t strictly interior design. However, if I were to apply the Just Living Philosophy then I can safely say that hot chocolate (with marshmallows and cream) ticks the sensory box for taste! Therefore, is an absolute, cosy must-have for winter…

I can always justify a sweet treat!



6. Always throws & cushions   winter6

Throws and cushions are key to successful, decorative interiors and can instantly transform the feel of a room dependant on the colours and textures used.

Cashmeres, wools, cable knits and sheepskins are characteristically snug and look fabulous when layered and used harmoniously.

I’ve currently got my beady eye on a couple of Bronte herringbone beige cushions for our sitting room – just gorgeous!


winter77. Mood lighting

Lighting is a fundamental ingredient to any interior design project and clever mood lighting is a key factor to creating a serene and atmospheric environment. Candles alone will not provide sufficient lighting, therefore build on your lighting layers.

Always consider the tasks and functions carried out in a room prior to designing or purchasing lighting.

To keep your home cosy on dark days and winter nights, I would suggest adding table and standard lamps that compliment the existing room. You could also incorporate dimmer controls and subtle lighting within shelving units.  


winter88. A blissful bubble bath

My all time favourite – a hot bubble bath complimented by a good book and candle light.

Note* – ensure you remove all squeeky bath toys prior to entering to achieve the desired state of mind….

Indulge and treat yourself!



I hope you enjoyed this post & stay cosy this winter!

Just live, Kelly x




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