Bedroom Masterclass


For me, there’s nothing more comforting than sinking into luxurious bedcovers and feathered pillows after a long and tiring day. The design and feel of your bedroom is just as important as every other room in your home. Ultimately it should feel sumptuous, welcoming, peaceful and secure.

The Practicalities

I always encourage my clients to begin the design process by listing the functional requirements of the room. Define how you intend to use the space and think about what’s required from a practical perspective. Obviously, a place to sleep is a good place to start; however, you’ll need to consider additional aspects, such as the amount and type of storage you require. Ensure everything has it’s place to avoid un-necessary clutter.

Planning Your Style

Consider how you want your bedroom to feel. For example, are you naturally drawn to luxurious, minimal, contemporary or classical interior design? Create a project file by collecting images of your preferred styles, fabrics and finishes. This will enable you to build a picture of your personal taste and vision. It’s also important the space reflects and incorporates elements of style found in the surrounding rooms. By unifying the spaces, you will create a more organic and balanced environment.


Lighting design is imperative at the early stages of the design process to ensure you get exactly what you want to achieve. A tip is to have dimmer switches that will allow you to control lighting within the room. Bedside lights are a necessity as they’re practical, create a relaxing ambiance and enable the bed to become the focal point of the room by adding detailed symmetry either side. This can be achieved with bedside lamps, wall lights or ceiling pendants.

The Colour Palette

Natural and artificial light affects colour, so before you get to work on the colour scheme, always consider the direction your bedroom faces, whether it has a lot of natural light and the type of artificial lighting you intend to use.

Finishing Touches

A bed has to look as good as it feels and there’s not better way to do this than with quality bed linen, an abundance of strategically placed cushions and a coordinating throw, the layering of different fabrics will add texture and interest to the bed as well as create a plush, luxurious feel. Comforting smells are also important in bedroom environments, such as room perfumes, candle scent or fresh flowers. The key is to remember that luxury is in every detail.

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