A little retreat

Practical tips for designing a child’s bedroom

A child’s bedroom is their tranquil retreat and a place they can call their very own. Not only is it a functional space for entering the land of nod but a place they can store their treasures, make dens, explore, imagine and most importantly – create memories.

There’s something extra special about designing environments for children. Not only is it heart warming to see their animated faces when relaying their very own ‘brief’, but it’s also intriguing venturing into the world of imagination and adventure!

Here are my key pointers for planning a stylish and functional bedroom:

Subtle storage

Before you get to work on the decor, you’ll need to consider the practicalities of storage space. Not only does an organised and uncluttered room promote a more relaxing environment for little people, but well designed storage will also result in a more successful design.

Firstly, think about the items that are regularly used and those that can be neatly tucked away under a bed or in a wardrobe. There are so many storage solutions available of varying shapes and sizes. Some of my favourite options at the moment are; decoratively stacked suitcases, open storage units that can also be combined with brightly coloured cubes, personalised toy crates and/ or canvas tubs.

Shelving is also a very simple way of storing regularly used possessions whilst creating interest in a room. A simple shelf can be used to display books, family photographs, artwork or in our case; the latest lego models or paper aeroplanes!

Designated play spaces

Whether it’s for imaginative play or simply to snuggle up and read The Gruffalo (again), there are simple ways to define these spaces. My favourite being a strategically placed rug in close proximity to a bookcase and toys. This ‘zoning’ immediately highlights that this area has a different purpose from the rest of the room.

Children love fun seating, so why not add some heaped comfy cushions, a cosy reading chair, a tipi den or beanbags to this area?

A sprinkle of cosiness

There’s nothing better than being surrounded by home comforts and children thrive in a nurturing and secure environment. Surround them with all of the possessions they love. Cushions, throws and rugs are a great way to encourage a relaxed environment.

I hope this post has been useful…


Just Live, Kelly x

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